Healthy Banana Oatmeal Snack Cake

In today world children always want something new and delicious for eating, as children are at their growing age so they need something to eat every time and this can sometimes create problems for the parents as they always want to give their children healthy taste. So we have bought a tasty and healthy snack for your children.

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The banana oatmeal cake which is healthy and crispy for eating its ingredients contain healthy wholesome because it does not contain butter, flour, and sugar, it’s a perfect treat for an evening snack or you can also have it in the morning breakfast.

It carries 100 calories which are enough for your sugary child. This healthy cake for your children begins with the wheat flour and instant oats which is the main ingredients of your cake and it is very important to have an equal measure of the wheat flour and oats.

The most important ingredients of the cake are a mashed banana, as you should use banana with brown color from the peel instead of yellow one, you can add few spoons of maple syrup. While adding 1 ½ spoon of coconut oil in the mashed banana will change texture and some amount of yogurt for adding flavor to your recipe and it will boost the protein level in your cake. It will give a healthy and delicious taste to your children tongue.

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As sometimes mother buy boxes of sweet for their children and this perfect snack will give you stress-free that they are eating healthy snack perfect for their growth and body. So, what are you waiting? Order cake online!

Best Diabetic Cake Recipes

We have brought cake recipe for people who love to eat cake but because of sweet you can’t but now you can bake at home, cakes mostly contain a large amount of sugar and carbohydrate which is unhealthy for people especially for a diabetic. In some simple steps, you can bake cake sugar-free cake for your dear one and even you can also order it online. Have Online Cake Delivery in Jaipur with RS 150/- off and send it to your loved one’s birthday and anniversary.


Best Diabetic Cake Recipes

• Eggs- 1
• Low-fat milk- 2 ½ spoon
• Margarine- 3 ½ spoon
• Granulated sugar substitute- 4/5 cups
• Flour- 1 ½ cups
• Salt- ½ spoon
• Sugar-free chocolate syrup
• Sprinkles sugar-free or fruits for seasoning
Recipe for making a cake

1. Preheat the oven at 3500 F.
2. In a bowl take eggs, low-fat milk, softened margarine, and granulated sugar substitute which gives herbal sweetness then mix it properly.
3. In another bowl mix the all-purpose flour, and salt. Now mix the dry ingredients into the mixture of egg and blend it properly, until it makes the smooth batter you have to stir continuously so that no lumps should form.
4. Now spread the sugar-free sprinkles over the cake or you can also add fruits cut in sliced to give fruit taste in the cake and with the help of spoon mix it properly.
5. Now pour the batter in two pans equally which are already dusted and greased with oil. Cook it for 40 to 45 minutes.
After baking let it cool down and after it for decorating the cake you can use sugar-free sprinkles on the top of the cake and sugar-free chocolate syrup between the layer of the cake and all over the cake to cover it.

Order Crumb Cakes for Birthdays Online to Your Loved One’s Happy Moments

Order Crumb Cakes for Birthdays Online to Perk Up Your Loved One’s Happy Moments
If you get bored with that regular stuff for the filling and topping of the cake so, we have bought something new which you can use for decorating the cake and also used as a filler of the cake is ‘Cake Crumble’. Order Crumb Cakes from the gift shop in Jaipur to Perk Up Your Loved One’s Happy Moments. Once you start eating you will not able to stop yourself from eating. The recipe for making it is also very easy and simple and your cake will look more attractive and unique by using cake crumble. Online cake delivery in Bhilwara available online order now .

• Cake flour- 4/5 cup
• Sugar- ¼ cup
• Brown sugar- 1 ¼ spoon
• Baking powder- ¼ spoon
• Baking soda- ½ spoon
• Salt- 1/3 spoon
• Canola oil- 1/5 cup
• Vanilla extract- 1 ½ spoon
• Sprinkles- 2 ½ spoon

1. Firstly you should preheat the oven at 3500 f
2. Then take a mixer filled it with flour, sugar (both), baking powder and soda, salt, sprinkles and grind it in low speed.
3. Now add the canola oil and vanilla extract in the mixture and grind at high speed.
4. You have to grind the mixture until it turns into the small clusters almost for 2-3 minutes.
5. After it becomes into the cluster spread the mixture on the baking sheet which is already greased and covered with parchment paper.
6. Bake the cluster for 10 minutes.
7. Once it gets baked set it down for cooling by leaving it for 9 – 10 minutes, after it gets a cool break the baked crumbles with the help of fork into the smaller pieces.
You can use smaller pieces of the crumbles on the top of the cake.

The 2019 Wedding Gift Trends

Though there are plenty of cities in India, Jaipur is the place where you can notice rich culture, tradition, and heritage. This place consists of various things in that online cakes are the most notable one. At present there are tons and tons of cakes are in-trend. Specifically for a wedding, you can find the best trendy cakes which you never have seen before.

Surprisingly this city is renowned for its mouth-watering sweets. Generally, sweets are famous in this part along sweets in Jaipur has unique taste and texture. The bunch of sweets will offer a new experience to you irrespective of the occasion.

When you jump into the 2019 cake trends you can witness glam, awe, wow and wonderful cake structure. Really you feel whether its cake or an artificial thing. When you are searching for the latest cakes then go for the 2019 cake collections.


All the available cake designs have a whole new look, texture, and structure. You never expect such designs will fall into a cake. Some of the famous cake trends are ferns, doughnut cake, Sweets, cheesecake, one-tiered cake, inky-black wedding cake, understated textures, floating tiers and many more.

When you add these types of cake in your wedding your invitees will ask for one more slice. Though it has the best design it never compromised in its quality and taste. The elegance present at its best and the cakes lookalike made from heaven.

If you look for some alternative item then choose sweet in Jaipur. You can order your most wanted sweets using the online site. The online sweet delivery keeps your order on track and will successfully deliver it to the recipient on time. You can find extreme varieties of sweets from traditional to some other through online.

Thandai Cake Recipe

A yummy cake with Thandai flavors, which is a mixture of many nuts as well as spices. So, in this post, we have bought a recipe for making a cake with Thandai to give freshness in summer. Also, you can get online cake delivery in Udaipur in case you don’t want to bake.

• Almond- 1/5 cup
• Cashew- 1/5 cup
• Pistachios- 1/5 cup
• Sugar- 2 ½ spoon
• Pepper- 1/5 spoon
• Saffron- 1/9 spoon
• Mellon seed- 1 ½ spoon
• Poppy seeds- 1 ½ spoon
• Fennel- 1 ½ spoon
• Grated nutmeg- 1/5 spoon
• Cardamoms- 7
• Petal mace- 1 ½
Blend all these ingredients into a fine powder.

 All-purpose flour- 11/5 cup
 Grated Mawa- 1 ¼ cup
 Ghee or butter- 4/5 cup
 Baking powder and soda- 1 ½ spoon
 Thandai powder- 3 spoon
 Gulkand- 1 ½ spoon
 Sugar powdered- 1 ¼ cups
 Buttermilk- 4/5 cups
 For garnish cherries- 12
1.Preheat pressure cooker until you prepare cake batter, sprinkle salt in the cooker base and place plate inside it.
2. Mix the oil or butter, sugar, buttermilk in a bowl, mix mawa with milk in another bowl and mix both the mixture.
3. In another bowl mix the dry ingredients flour, baking powder and soda, gulkand, Thandai powder, and then add liquid mixture in it and stir till smooth batter.
4.After this pour the batter of the cake in the tin which is already greased with oil or ghee.
5. Put it in the preheated pressure cooker and cook it in medium flame for 20 – 25 minutes, you will see the color  of cake turns into light brown and it starts leaving aside.
Now your cake is ready, decorate it with cherries and Thandai powder.

What Are The Tips To Store Cakes

When you bake with full effort and hard work, you have spent your whole day in layering, frosting and decorating your cake beautifully. And you have not able to gobble the whole cake in a day and you want to preserve it without any harm to the cake and feel fresh while eating cake at future. So we have some tips for storing cake safely and fresh.


The cake which is uncut and frosted then you can wrap it in the plastic the top, bottom, and sides of the cake, and do not just drape the top of the cake, you can also use a plastic bag with zipping. Put it in the room temperature for a week. Cake with oily base or buttery should be put in the freezer.


For the frosted cake you can’t use plastic wrap, for protecting the cake from the air you can use cake keeper or any bowl to protect it from the dust, pet hair, and many more things in the air. You keep it in room temperature for four to five days.


Once you cut the slice from the cake it starts moisturizing and this can cause stale of the cake at a rapid rate, protecting the cake from staling you should cover the cut slice with more frosting and with plastic wrap. The cut cake keeps at room temperature for fewer days about two to three days.


Mostly cakes are stored at room temperature cakes of frosted, unfrosted, cut and uncut for several days. Refrigeration cake is necessary when your kitchen get hotter at day time. At GiftJaipur, they provide online cake and flower delivery in Jaipur. If you want to order, then make an order today and get a great discount.


Nowadays people’s taste is changing so we have brought something new for breakfast vegan pancake which is delicious and easy to make, and the day starting with cereal and milk has gone. It takes 15 minutes to cook a pancake.

• Flour – 1 cup
• Sugar – 2 spoon
• Baking powder- 1 spoon
• Salt- ½ spoon
• Soya milk- 1 ½ cup
• Apple cider vinegar- 1 spoon
• Vegetable oil- 1 ½ spoon
• Maple syrup for serving- 2 spoon

1. In bowl mix flour, sugar, baking powder, salt and stir it properly.
2. In another bowl mix the soya milk with apple cider vinegar and oil.
3. After this mixture of the liquid mix with dry mixture, beat until the smooth batter.
4. Rest the batter 5 minutes for proper setting of the batter.
5. Then take 1/5 of the mixture and pour in the oil greasing pan and fry both sides of the pancake till it becomes golden brown from both sides.
6.After cooking serve it warm with fruits topping of your choice and maple syrup

•Calories- 140
•Fat- 4.5g
•Saturated fat- 1g
•Sugar- 2g
•Cholesterol- 0 mg
•Protein- 4g
•Calcium- 24 %
•Iron- 8.5%

•You can use honey and other sweetener ingredients instead of normal sugar.
•Instead of soya milk, you can also use almond or rice milk.
•If you want your breakfast full of protein then you can also use hemp milk.
If you want to use cake as a birthday cake in Jaipur, then make it pancake organic. For it, you can use gluten-free flour instead of normal flour.

Top 10 Cakes List Which Order Same Day In Jodhpur Without Issue

Cakes are one of the most delightful and unique gift options. If you need to surprise your dear one then send cake. In gone days we need to go and purchase a cake from the shop. But now technology advancement has made it possible for everyone to buy anything online these days.

Elite Tulip Cake Red velvet cake

Just from the comfort of home one can buy anything online at an affordable price. Online cake delivery service has gained more popularity among people. Here is a list of cakes which easily deliver in Jodhpur:


Pineapple cake All time favorite fruit cake

Do you look for the best place to get online cake delivery? If so then Jodhpur is the right option. Jodhpur is the second largest city in India. It has historically been the capital of the kingdom. It is one of the popular tourist places in India.

Millions of people every year visit this place on their vacation. This city has many popular tourists place such as palaces, forts, temples, and desert.

Amor Cake & Heart Shape Chocolate Flavor Photo Cake

Amor Cake Online Cake Heart shape chocolate flavour photo cake

It is popularly known as Blue & Sun City among people of Rajasthan and all over India. This city is also famous for providing online cake delivery service. One can obtain online cake delivery jodhpur in order to surprise a dear one.

Half kg vanilla cake & Mouthwatering Kiwi cake

Half kg vanilla cake Mouthwatering Kiwi cake

The cake shops provide only high-quality cakes to customers at the lowest price. They give the best variety of cakes depending on customer expectation. You can express the way of love and care to the beloved one with yummy cake.

Heart Shape Gems KitKat Cake & Chocolate Glazed Cake

Heart shape gems and kitkat cake Chocolate glaze cake

The users take the right cakes that right for the special celebration. You can acquire an unlimited variety of cakes online. The cakes are available in a wide range such as cheesecake, fruit cake, mango cake, black forest, chocolate and so on. So pick one based on your needs and budget. You can acquire same day delivery from a reputable store with safe online payment.

Cake Cutting Using Sword in India is Legal or Not

Cake Cutting Using Sword in India is Legal or Not

There are various ways to celebrate your birthday or any occasion for that matter in the weirdest manner. A lot of people do such antics and stunts to attract attention as well. Some go to the extent to video record the event so that they can go viral; however, it is not fair to do it. Cake cutting using the sword in India is not legal as it violates the existing laws.

Thus, the answer to the question of whether cake cutting using the sword in India is legal or not is that it depends on the fact that the sword is under license or not. Therefore, it is advised that cake cutting should be done without any sword for the safety of all.

Cake Cutting Using Sword in India

Cake delivery in Kota Rajasthan to Celebrate the Occasion

Cake delivery in Kota Rajasthan: When it comes to celebrating birthdays and other important days in Kota, you have plenty of choices with respect to cakes and flowers. Though there is a huge range of cakes that you can select from the menu, you may like to know about them before ordering them online. The online gift shops help you find out the best and most delicious cake in Kota.

Chocolate Truffle Cake for party and celebration

A lot of people who celebrate the moment should know that it is a delectable and yummy chocolate cake. This is an awesome treat for the eyes as well. Now you can buy the chocolate truffle cake online at GiftJaipur and have fun at the party. Needless to say, now you can indulge in the goodness of luscious chocolate.

In fact, with crunchy truffles acting as the perfect companion to the mouthwatering dark pure chocolate that simply melts in your mouth leaving you craving for more, you can cherish the moment for months after the celebration.

Top 7 Best Anniversary Cake Delivery Jaipur

You know this place is well-known for shopping as well. Especially when it comes to online cake none of the places stands in front of Jaipur. Regardless of the occasion and event, you can easily send cakes using cake delivery Jaipur service. The tradition of cake cutting is followed in all celebrations.

In particular, an occasion that wants to rejoice for the most like Anniversary and Birthdays never wants to explain. You can take different flavors of Anniversary cakes from us. The anniversary cake comes with various assortments including mascarpone cream and toasted almond cake, honey buttercream and pistachio cake, black forest cake, banana cake, vanilla cake with apricot butter cake and many more. All these cakes will make your invitees to have a great grand party.

1.Toasted Almond Cake

 toasted almond cake
2.Honey Buttercream

honey buttercream
3.Pistachio Cake

 pistachio cake
4.Black Forest Cake

Black Forest Cake
5.Banana Cake

banana cake
6.Vanilla Cake

Half kg vanilla cake
7. Apricot Butter Cake

apricot butter cake

When you offer super delicious cake then your near and dear one will feel wow. Be it ½ kg or 1 kg cake when you can your recipient will joy with happiness. The most precious gift that you can present to your partner this anniversary is a yummy cake. This sweet dessert will melt your recipient heart completely. Each bite of the cake will satiate taste buds of your loveable person. In fact when you give cake then the occasion gets refreshed and there will be a new start.

Decorating cakes are the best part. We find a new way of the anniversary cake decoration. It will make your receiver to have great memories. The inclusion of photo, details and all together create a magical design. Plus you can choose the themes that are available in the name of anniversary themes.