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Chocolate Icing for Wedding Cake

Most of the couple thinks chocolate icing is not a great idea for their wedding but this is not true while most of the people prefer white fondant cream for their wedding cake but truly the taste of the cream is not tasty, if you are not very tradition then surely you can opt for chocolate cake which will enjoy by your guest and partner.


The wonderful thing about the chocolate cake is that it is a varied product which can be molded, can be set and there are many more things you can do it. With the chocolate, you can use it as for the decoration of the cake and also use for the icing on the cake. Buy cakes from GiftJaipur Company which provides Udaipur cake home delivery.
As the chocolate is versatile there are some ways through which you can use it for icing in your wedding cake such as.


This the icing which is like another ordinary buttercream icing as in the taste it is delicious and buttery, to make it chocolaty you can add chocolate in it or you can also add cocoa powder.

Beautiful butter 3 tier cake

Its consistency is thick and easy to cover the cake. So, try to book online cake delivery in barren.


This chocolate icing is very indulging which is prepared by the mixture of chocolate and butter instead of butter you can also use cream this gives the cake a glossy sheen and it looks very classy and has amazing taste.

If you want a fondant cake then you can try modeling cake in this rollout icing is used which is made of chocolate. It tastes delicious as it will have the same effect like fondant but it will be more delicious.

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