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Healthy Banana Oatmeal Snack Cake

In today world children always want something new and delicious for eating, as children are at their growing age so they need something to eat every time and this can sometimes create problems for the parents as they always want to give their children healthy taste. So we have bought a tasty and healthy snack for your children.

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The banana oatmeal cake which is healthy and crispy for eating its ingredients contain healthy wholesome because it does not contain butter, flour, and sugar, it’s a perfect treat for an evening snack or you can also have it in the morning breakfast.

It carries 100 calories which are enough for your sugary child. This healthy cake for your children begins with the wheat flour and instant oats which is the main ingredients of your cake and it is very important to have an equal measure of the wheat flour and oats.

The most important ingredients of the cake are a mashed banana, as you should use banana with brown color from the peel instead of yellow one, you can add few spoons of maple syrup. While adding 1 ½ spoon of coconut oil in the mashed banana will change texture and some amount of yogurt for adding flavor to your recipe and it will boost the protein level in your cake. It will give a healthy and delicious taste to your children tongue.

GiftJaipur also give you the opportunity to order an online cake in Jaipur and we deliver it to your address in Jaipur also with full comfort and safety.
As sometimes mother buy boxes of sweet for their children and this perfect snack will give you stress-free that they are eating healthy snack perfect for their growth and body. So, what are you waiting? Order cake online!

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