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Thandai Cake Recipe

A yummy cake with Thandai flavors, which is a mixture of many nuts as well as spices. So, in this post, we have bought a recipe for making a cake with Thandai to give freshness in summer. Also, you can get online cake delivery in Udaipur in case you don’t want to bake.

• Almond- 1/5 cup
• Cashew- 1/5 cup
• Pistachios- 1/5 cup
• Sugar- 2 ½ spoon
• Pepper- 1/5 spoon
• Saffron- 1/9 spoon
• Mellon seed- 1 ½ spoon
• Poppy seeds- 1 ½ spoon
• Fennel- 1 ½ spoon
• Grated nutmeg- 1/5 spoon
• Cardamoms- 7
• Petal mace- 1 ½
Blend all these ingredients into a fine powder.

 All-purpose flour- 11/5 cup
 Grated Mawa- 1 ¼ cup
 Ghee or butter- 4/5 cup
 Baking powder and soda- 1 ½ spoon
 Thandai powder- 3 spoon
 Gulkand- 1 ½ spoon
 Sugar powdered- 1 ¼ cups
 Buttermilk- 4/5 cups
 For garnish cherries- 12
1.Preheat pressure cooker until you prepare cake batter, sprinkle salt in the cooker base and place plate inside it.
2. Mix the oil or butter, sugar, buttermilk in a bowl, mix mawa with milk in another bowl and mix both the mixture.
3. In another bowl mix the dry ingredients flour, baking powder and soda, gulkand, Thandai powder, and then add liquid mixture in it and stir till smooth batter.
4.After this pour the batter of the cake in the tin which is already greased with oil or ghee.
5. Put it in the preheated pressure cooker and cook it in medium flame for 20 – 25 minutes, you will see the color  of cake turns into light brown and it starts leaving aside.
Now your cake is ready, decorate it with cherries and Thandai powder.

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