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What Are the Types of Icing for Making Cake Attractive

The cake is the most important part for all the types of celebrations and occasions, without cake celebration is incomplete and it gives dull look to the party, whether it is the occasion of birthday, marriage, and anniversary. People feel that serving sweet at the special moment keeps the thoughts also sweet and this traditional which is running since old times.


You all have noticed that cake is always covered with icing which makes it more delicious and attractive. It also helps in protecting the cake with the addition of flavor. There are many types of icing used on the cake in many shops which provides online cake delivery in Jaipur.


In this icing, Baker made it with a mixture of butter and icing sugar and some amount of egg white to make it spongy and creamy which get intact with cake, you can also add any color of your choice to make cake colorful and attractive.


Doctors special cake

It is icing which has opaque look to the cake which is made by a mixture of sugar, gelatine, and glycerine which give dough like consistency to the cake. This icing generally uses for marriage cake to protect it from falling and it does not melt because of humidity.


Flowery cake

This icing is made by the mixture of butter with milk, icing sugar, and vanilla essences. This icing is used on the cake which is for immediate consumption as this icing gets melt at humid so should keep in cold area.



This is the chocolate icing which is made by the mixture of chocolate with cream and it is thick icing which is used on the heavy cake-like mud, as it required a heavy base for settling.

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